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Plaslab Limited Plaslab Limited
Plastic Fabrication, Chemical Process Plant Installations

Plaslab Limited are Plastic Fabricators and Engineers manufacturing a range of environmental Fume Extraction solutions, Fume Scrubbers [Vortex & Stack], as well as Chemical Effluent Treatment Plants and Wet Benches.

We manufacture Chemical Containment Tanks to customers’ exact requirements and provide Chemical Process Plant installations, Bulk Chemical Handling pipelines and Plastic Fabrication of Chemical Containment Tanks, coupled to Fume Extraction systems using PVC Ductwork and Fume Scrubbers [Vortex & Stack].

We use the latest decontamination methods within our Bio-Hazard Containment and Clean Room projects. These include the use of U.V., Microwave and Ozone technology and for these, we are working in conjunction with UV Specialists, Jenton UV and Jenact.

Plaslab Limited Plaslab Limited

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